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The Development of Floral Scent Research: A Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis (1987–2022) Peng, Qin; Zhang, Yangyang; Fan, Junjun; Shrestha, Anil K.; Zhang, Wangxiang; Wang, Guangyu


Floral scent (FS) plays a pivotal role in maintaining ecological equilibrium within plant populations and ecosystems while also bearing significance for human well-being. Despite the growing interest in FS research, there exists a dearth of comprehensive analyses on research trends, contemporary topics, and their broader implications. In this study, we employ bibliometric techniques using data from the Web of Science Core Collection spanning 1987–2022 to offer a quantitative overview of the scientific literature surrounding FS by examining the annual publication outputs, popular research areas, temporal trends in keywords, geographic distribution of relevant studies, institutions, co-organizations, as well as relevant authors. Our findings reveal a marked upsurge in FS publications, notably within the domains of Food Science Technology, Plant Sciences, Chemistry, Agriculture, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology. The research landscape in FS primarily encompasses evolutionary dynamics, volatile compound analyses, biosynthesis mechanisms, and essential oil properties. These research trends signify a transition from micro-level exploration, focusing on individual pollination ecological functions of FS, to a macro-perspective that emphasizes FS’s overarching impact on species diversity and ecosystem stability. This shift extends from the investigation of singular sensory attributes of FS to a holistic evaluation of their role in food production, quality, and yield enhancement. It encompasses a move away from mere FS extraction towards the examination of antioxidant potential within phenolic compounds and other industrial applications. Thus, improving research methodologies, strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration on an international scale, and delving deeper into the multifaceted ecological functions of floral diversity and their societal implications will be paramount.

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