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Tort Law : Cases and Commentaries Beswick, Samuel


This casebook provides an introduction to tort law: the law that recognises and responds to civil wrongdoing. The material is arranged in two parts. Part I comprises 1-11 and addresses intentional and dignitary torts and the overarching theories and goals of tort law. Part II comprises 12-25 and addresses no-fault compensation schemes, negligence, nuisance, strict liability, and tort law’s place within our broader legal systems. This casebook is designed to complement the 1L curriculum in common law Canadian law schools. It does not try to present an exhaustive overview of all of Canadian tort law. Instead, it focusses on the central doctrines and topics that are most commonly taught in torts courses. OER Description:This tort law text was developed to support graduate students in Canadian law schools. Each chapter of this open educational resource is largely self-contained to support instructors assigning sections to suit their syllabi. The text includes cases, summaries, and links to formative assesment quizzes based on the casebook content, providing immediate feebdack to students. The most recent version of this OER can be found in the Open UBC Pressbooks Catalogue.

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