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A solvable model of flat space holography Rosso, Felipe


We propose an explicit realization of flat space holography in two dimensions where both sides of the duality are independently defined and the boundary theory is completely solvable. In the bulk, we define a novel 𝒩 = 1 flat space supergravity theory and exactly compute the full topological expansion of its Euclidean partition function with an arbitrary number of boundaries. On the boundary, we consider a double scaled Hermitian random matrix model with Gaussian potential and use the loop equations to show it independently reproduces the bulk partition function to all orders in the topological expansion. The non-perturbative completion of the supergravity theory provided by the solvable Gaussian matrix model allows for the exact, and in many cases analytic, computation of observables in flat space quantum gravity.

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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)