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Setting Goals to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk : A Retrospective Chart Review of a Pharmacist-Led Initiative in the Workplace Klaassen, Alicia E.; Kapanen, Anita I.; Zed, Peter J.; Conklin, Annalijn


Background: Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the second leading cause of death in Canada with many modifiable risk factors. Pharmacists at a Canadian university delivered a novel CVD risk management program, which included goal-setting and medication management. Aim: This study aimed to describe what CVD prevention goals are composed of in a workplace CVD risk reduction program, and how might these goals change over time. Methods: A longitudinal, descriptive qualitative study using a retrospective chart review of clinical care plans for 15 patients enrolled in a CVD prevention program. Data across 6 visits were extracted from charts (n = 5413 words) recorded from May 2019–November 2020 and analyzed using quantitative content analysis and descriptive statistics. Results: Behavioural goals were most popular among patients and were more likely to change over the 12-month follow-up period, compared to health measure goals. Behavioural goals included goals around diet, physical activity (PA), smoking, medication, sleep and alcohol; health measure goals centered on weight measures, blood pressure (BP) and blood lipid levels. The most common behavioural goals set by patients were for diet (n = 11) and PA (n = 9). Over time, goals around PA, medication, alcohol and weight were adapted while others were added (e.g. diet) and some only continued. Patients experienced a number of barriers to their goal(s) which informed how they adapted their goal(s). These included environmental limitations (including COVID-19) and work-related time constraints. Conclusions: This study found CVD goal-setting in the pharmacist-led workplace wellness program was complex and evolved over time, with goals added and/or adapted. More detailed qualitative research could provide further insights into the patient-provider goal-setting experience in workplace CVD prevention.

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