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Pediatric Brain Tumours : Lessons from the Immune Microenvironment Yao, Betty; Delaidelli, Alberto; Vogel, Hannes; Sorensen, Poul H.


In spite of recent advances in tumour molecular subtyping, pediatric brain tumours (PBTs) remain the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children. While some PBTs are treatable with favourable outcomes, recurrent and metastatic disease for certain types of PBTs remains challenging and is often fatal. Tumour immunotherapy has emerged as a hopeful avenue for the treatment of childhood tumours, and recent immunotherapy efforts have been directed towards PBTs. This strategy has the potential to combat otherwise incurable PBTs, while minimizing off-target effects and long-term sequelae. As the infiltration and activation states of immune cells, including tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes and tumour-associated macrophages, are key to shaping responses towards immunotherapy, this review explores the immune landscape of the developing brain and discusses the tumour immune microenvironments of common PBTs, with hopes of conferring insights that may inform future treatment design.

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