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A Strong, Tough and Fire-Retardant Biomimetic Multifunctional Wooden Laminate Han, Xiaoshuai; Wang, Xiaoyi; Tian, Wei; Wang, Yuli; Wang, Jiangbo; Lam, Frank C. F.; Jiang, Shaohua


Mildly delignified wood showed a well-preserved wood cell wall framework, and its derived compressed materials demonstrate excellent mechanical properties and advanced functional material potential. Here, we proposed a simple yet effective approach for making strong, tough, and fire-retardant wooden laminate by a three-step process of mild delignification, infiltrating potassium nonafluoro-1-butanesulfonate (PFBS), and hot-pressing to densify the material. PFBS can be infiltrated into the micro/nano-structures of the mildly delignified wood to achieve a good flame-resistant protective barrier. Flame retardant tests showed that this strong, tough, and fire-retardant wooden laminate has a superior flame-retardant performance to natural wood. Additionally, the wooden laminate also exhibits a simultaneously enhanced tensile strength (175.6 MPa vs. 89.9 MPa for natural wood) and toughness (22.9 MJ m−3 vs. 10.9 MJ m−3 for natural wood). Given these attributes, the resulting wooden laminates are identified as promising candidates for high-performance structural applications, fulfilling stringent requirements for both mechanical resilience and flame-retardant efficacy.

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