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Seismic assessment of pre-Northridge welded steel moment frame buildings and implications on community resilience Galvis, F. A.; Deierlein, G. G.; Molina Hutt, Carlos; Issa, O.; Baker, J. W.; Zsarnóczay, A.


Many tall office buildings in high seismic areas along the west coast of the United States rely on older, seismically deficient, welded steel moment frames (WSMFs) of the kind that experienced sudden brittle fractures during the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Despite the known vulnerability of these buildings, policymakers lack robust and reliable metrics to quantify risk and support decision-making regarding mitigation actions. This paper summarizes a project that tackles impediments to robust quantification of risk and post-earthquake consequences in tall WSMFs. This project contributes by developing (1) a highfidelity model for fracture-critical connections, (2) a detailed database of tall WSMFs with their unique structural attributes, (3) an efficient damage indicator for post-earthquake re-occupancy decisions, and finally (4) an approach to quantify earthquake recovery time and economic loss for tall buildings and their neighboring structures.

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