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The economic impact of eating disorders in children and youth in Canada : a call to action to improve youth eating disorder research and care Coelho, Jennifer S.; Booij, Linda; Katzman, Debra K.; Dimitropoulos, Gina; Obeid, Nicole


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented rise in rates and symptoms of eating disorders among Canadian youth. To date, there is a lack of national surveillance and costing data in Canada to inform policymakers and healthcare leaders on how to best address the surge in new and existing cases. This has resulted in the Canadian healthcare system being unprepared to adequately respond to the increased needs. Therefore, clinicians, researchers, policymakers, decision-makers, and community organizations across Canada are collaborating to compare pre-and post-pandemic costing data from national and province-level healthcare systems in an effort to address this gap. Results from this economic cost analysis will be an important first step in informing and guiding policy on possible adaptations to services to better fulfill the needs of youth with eating disorders in Canada. We highlight how gaps in surveillance and costing data can impact the field of eating disorders in an international context.

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