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Predictors of Nursing Faculty Job and Career Satisfaction, Turnover Intentions, and Professional Outlook: A National Survey Boamah, Sheila A.; Kalu, Michael E.; Havaei, Farinaz; McMillan, Kimberly; Belita, Emily


Background: Retaining talented and experienced nurses in clinical practice and academia is crucial for maintaining continuity, ensuring high-quality care and education, and fostering a positive work environment. Although factors influencing nursing staff retention are well documented, little is known about how workplace factors impact nursing faculty retention outcomes. Methods: A national survey involving 645 nursing faculty across Canada was undertaken. Multivariate regression analysis with interaction effects was conducted to determine the association between work-related factors (i.e., workplace culture and work–life imbalance) and faculty job and career satisfaction, turnover intentions, and professional outlook. Results: Supportive workplace culture positively influenced faculty job and career satisfaction and professional outlook, while it negatively impacted turnover intentions. Conversely, work–life imbalance decreased faculty job and career satisfaction and professional outlook (i.e., confidence in nursing program, profession), and it increased intentions to leave the job. Conclusion: Our results offer insights into the work–life experiences of Canadian faculty members and shed light on key factors that impact their job-related outcomes. In the context of competing resources, every effort must be made to improve modifiable workplace factors such as the academic work environment and create targeted interventions and policies to promote faculty retention.

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