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Barriers and facilitators to the uptake of the Concussion Awareness Training Tool as continuing medical education in primary care Devji, Jalila; Karmali, Shazya; Turcotte, Kate; Babul, Shelina


Aim: Continuing medical education (CME) informs physicians on current research. The Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) provides education on concussion diagnosis and treatment. The aims of this study were to explore physician CME practices and preferences, understand barriers and facilitators to implementing the CATT as CME, and provide recommendations. Materials & methods: Physicians in British Columbia, Canada participated in an online survey and telephone interview. Descriptive analysis of quantitative data, and text-based data analysis were undertaken to identify themes. Results: Barriers included lack of time and awareness of the resource. Facilitators were its ease of use, accessibility, conciseness and comprehensiveness. Conclusion: The perceptions of barriers and facilitators reported by physicians are important to understand and better promote the use of the CATT.

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