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“I’m Trying to be There for my Kids” : A Needs Analysis of Fathers Who Experience Health Inequities in Vancouver, Canada Darroch, Francine E.; Oliffe, John Lindsay; Montaner, Gabriela Gonzalez; Webb, Jessica M.


To better understand the needs of fathers who experience health inequities, we individually interviewed fathers, mothers, and service providers about their perspectives of supports for men in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, one of the most disadvantaged groups in Canada. Using a gender lens, thematic analysis of transcribed interviews with three cohorts revealed the following themes: “we need a He-way”: Fathers arguing for men-friendly services; “I had to do all the hard work”: Mothers identifying relational impacts of fathers’ barriers to services; “there is nothing out there for them”: Service providers acknowledging the lack of father-focused programs. Findings highlight the need for, and challenges to creating accessible, gender specific, father focused programs and services to best support men and families within the complex contexts of experiencing significant health inequities. This work illustrates how gender-based analyses can guide strategies for health promotion programs that will ultimately support fathers, mothers and their families.

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