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Towards Developing Standards on the Intersection of Racism and Discrimination, Material Hardship and Healthcare Access Antonio, Marcy G.; Conklin, Annalijn; Mack, Serena


This report represents the work of a community-driven initiative, supported by Canada Health Infoway, to explore how to incorporate social determinants of health (SDOH) concepts into digital health systems from a Canadian perspective. Drawing on document review and group discussions, this report serves to inform further work on developing data standards for the collection, use and sharing of SDOH data within digital health systems to address health inequities. The report also provides an overview of the measures and constructs of racism and discrimination at the intersection with material hardship and healthcare access that may be of interest to a wider audience concerned with intersectionality and health. The work presented in this report reflects the collective output for the 2021-22 SDOH Working Group.

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