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Patient-centered care in the emergency department: a systematic review and meta-ethnographic synthesis Walsh, Anna; Bodaghkhani, Elnaz; Etchegary, Holly; Alcock, Lindsay; Patey, Christopher; Senior, Dorothy; Asghari, Shabnam


Background Patient-centered care (PCC) is an emerging priority in many healthcare settings but lacks clarity in the emergency department (ED). It is of interest to know what PCC practices are most important to patients to better their experience. The objective of this study was to conduct a mixed-methods systematic review of PCC in the ED. Methods We used stakeholder and patient engagement to consult with clinicians, subject-matter experts, patient partners, and community organizations to determine patient needs. We examined all articles in the ED context with PCC as the intervention. Two independent reviewers screened 3136 articles and 13 were included. A meta-ethnographic analysis was conducted to determine common themes of PCC. Results Themes included emotional support, communication, education, involvement of patient/family in information sharing and decision making, comfort of environment, respect and trust, continuity, and transition of care. Challenges in the ED reflected a lack of PCC. Moreover, implementation of PCC had many benefits including higher patient satisfaction with their care. Though there were commonalities of PCC components, there was no consistently used definition for PCC in the ED. Conclusion The findings of this review support the evidence that PCC is of high value to the ED setting and should be standardized in practice.

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