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Taking Practical Steps : A Feminist Participatory Approach to Cocreating a Trauma- and Violence-Informed Physical Activity Program for Women Darroch, Francine E.; Varcoe, Colleen, 1952-; Montaner, Gabriela Gonzalez; Webb, Jessica; Paquette, Michelle


Trauma- and violence-informed physical activity (TVIPA) is a feasible approach to improve access/engagement in physical activity for pregnant/parenting women with experiences of trauma. Through feminist participatory action research, 56 semistructured interviews were completed to understand TVIPA. Four themes were identified: (1) “I have to be on edge”: Trauma and violence pervade women’s lives, (2) “It should be mandatory that you feel safe”: Emotional safety is essential, (3) “The opportunity to step up and be decision-makers and leaders”: Choice, collaboration, and connection create safety, and (4) “It’s a good start for healing,” strengths-based and capacity building foster individual and community growth.

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