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Risk of non-medical drug overdose following prescription of opioids post-injury : A retrospective cohort study Zheng, Alex; Bharmal, Aamir; Rajabali, Fahra; Turcotte, Kate; Thomas, Larry; Garis, Len; Pike, Ian


There has been increasing scrutiny of opioid prescribing following injury because of concerns that prescribed opioids may contribute to addiction and overdose. This study aimed to better understand the relationship between injury, opioids prescribed before and after injury, and non-medical drug poisoning. Among a cohort of British Columbians visiting emergency departments following an injury, opioid prescribing in patients who were opioid-naive appears to be a minor contributor to non-medical drug poisoning, particularly when compared with other patient factors, such as being male, being younger and having a low socioeconomic status.

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