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The effectiveness of built environment interventions embedded in road safety policies in urban municipalities in Canada : An environmental scan and scoping review Richmond, Sarah A.; Buchan, Claire; Pitt, Tona M.; Medeiros, Alexia; Pike, Ian; Hagel, Brent E.; Rothman, Linda; Macarthur, Colin; Macpherson, Alison K.


Injuries and deaths from motor vehicle collisions are a significant public health issue. As public health researchers and practitioners, we must support the work of municipalities by advocating for effective interventions to reduce this burden. This requires an evidence-based approach; however, many interventions embedded in existing road safety policies in Canada are not supported by evidence. The objective of this work was to review the built environment (BE) interventions in road safety policies in five, urban municipalities in Canada and summarize the peer-reviewed literature to support them. A low proportion of included studies specific to the existing road safety policies in urban areas in Canada demonstrated a reduction in collisions. Further, significant variability in the level of effectiveness across interventions exists. Information specific to the effectiveness of interventions should be an integral part of the decision making process for BE change; however, more work is needed to better understand critical decision making factors.

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