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Female Firefighter Work-Related Injuries in the United States and Canada : An Overview of Survey Responses Pawer, Samantha; Turcotte, Kate; Desapriya, Ediriweera; Zheng, Alex; Purewal, Amanat; Wellar, Alyssa; Kunz, Kenneth; Garis, Len; Thomas, Larry S.; Pike, Ian


More information is needed in order to inform best safety practices and injury prevention policies. The present study was uniquely designed to address existing knowledge gaps by collecting comprehensive descriptions about work-related injuries among female firefighters. The objectives of this study were to: (1) describe the demographic characteristics and life experiences of female firefighters; (2) describe firefighting experiences of female firefighters; and (3) describe events resulting in work-related injuries among female firefighters and the types of injuries sustained. The conclusions from this study will be important for developing and evaluating health and wellness policies, designating resources, and designing surveillance, education, and prevention strategies to make the workplace safer for, and more supportive of, female firefighters.

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