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A longitudinal cohort study of injury type, settings, treatment and costs in British Columbia youth, 2003–2013 Leadbeater, Bonnie; Contreras, Alejandra; Rajabali, Fahra; Zheng, Alex; Beaulieu, Emilie; Pike, Ian


In 2010 in British Columbia (BC), Canada, total injury costs per capita were higher among youth aged 15–24 years than in any other age group. Injury prevention efforts have targeted injuries with high mortality (transportation injuries) or morbidity (concussions). However, the profile and health costs of common youth injuries (types, locations, treatment choices and prevention strategies) and how these change from adolescence to young adulthood is not known. The occurence and health cost of common injuries to youth and young adults are underestimated in this study but are nevertheless substantial. Ongoing surveillence, awareness raising, and prevention efforts may be needed to reduce these costs.

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