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Critical elements of public acceptance and support for automated speed enforcement in British Columbia, Canada Beaton, M. Denise; Oakey, Megan; Newhouse, Emily; Copley, Tobin T.; Fyfe, Murray; Karbakhsh, Mojgan; Turcotte, Kate; Zheng, Alex; Pike, Ian


Although automated speed enforcement (ASE) technologies have broad potential to reduce the societal and economic impacts of transport injuries, perceptions of poor public support have thwarted their widespread deployment in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. This study in-vestigates the levels of acceptance and support for different types of speed enforcement, partic-ularly ASE, and the influence of informative statements or suggested ASE policies on levels of acceptance and support among a representative sample of British Columbians. The online survey was conducted by Insights West, a public opinion research firm, in March 2018. The majority of British Columbians polled demonstrated acceptance and support for the use of ASE technologies in B.C., and strategies designed to foster strong public buy-in for implementation and expansion of ASE technologies were delineated. This survey highlighted the areas which need to be strengthened in order to garner and maintain sufficient community acceptance and support for the ASE program. The findings would be instructive for any jurisdiction that aims to deploy ASE technologies to reduce the burden of preventable transport injuries and deaths.

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