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Pragmatic evaluation of older adults’ physical activity in scale-up studies : Is the single-item measure a reasonable option? Macdonald, Heather M.; Nettlefold, Lindsay; Bauman, Adrian; Sims-Gould, Joanie; McKay, Heather Anne, 1954-


We assessed convergent validity and responsiveness to change of the single item physical activity measure in adults aged 60 years and older at baseline (n=205) and 6 months (n=177) of Choose to Move, a health promotion program. We used Spearman correlations to examine associations between physical activity as measured by the single item measure and CHAMPS questionnaire at baseline and for 6-month change in all participants, and sex and age (60-74 years, > 75 years) subgroups. We used effect size to assess responsiveness to change in physical activity for both tools. Baseline physical activity by the single-item measure correlated moderately with CHAMPS physical activity in all participants, and subgroups. Correlations were weaker for change in physical activity. Effect size for physical activity change was larger for the single-item measure than CHAMPS. The single-item measure is a valid, pragmatic tool for use in intervention and scale-up studies with older adults.

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