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Vertically Segregated Higher Education and the Life Course : Comparing Patterns over 28 Years Andres, Lesley; Pullman, Ashley


We employ longitudinal survey data from the British Columbia, Canada Paths on Life’s Way project to determine educational participation and completion patterns through a vertically segregated articulated postsecondary system and occupational outcomes 28 years later. Also, we examine the extent to which ascriptive characteristics have “dissipating” or “lingering” effects on educational and occupational outcomes. Through sequence analysis and cluster analysis, we illustrate postsecondary enrolment and completion rates by institutional type from 1988 to 2016. We reveal five distinct clusters. We use multivariate analyses to demonstrate how education and employment outcomes differ for those who embarked on “traditional” and “non-traditional” higher education pathways. We conclude that ascriptive characteristics in mid-adulthood have had both dissipating and lingering effects on educational and occupational outcomes.

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