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Signature pattern of gene expression and signaling pathway in premature diabetic patients uncover their correlation to early age coronary heart disease Ahmadloo, Salma; Ling, King-Hwa; Fazli, Ahmad; Larijani, Ghazaleh; Ghodsian, Nooshin; Mohammadi, Sanaz; Amini, Naser; Hosseinpour Sarmadi, Vahid; Ismail, Patimah


Background Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death in industrialized countries. There is currently no direct relation between CHD and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D), one of the major modifiable risk factors for CHD. This study was carried out for genes expression profiling of T2D associated genes to identify related biological processes/es and modulated signaling pathway/s of male subjects with CHD. Method the subjects were divided into four groups based on their disease, including control, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D), CHD, and CHD + T2D groups. The RNA was extracted from their blood, and RT2 Profiler™ PCR Array was utilized to determine gene profiling between groups. Finally, the PCR Array results were validated by using Q-RT-PCR in a more extensive and independent population. Result PCR Array results revealed that the T2D and T2D + CHD groups shared 11 genes significantly up-regulated in both groups. Further analysis showed that the mRNA levels of AKT2, IL12B, IL6, IRS1, IRS2, MAPK14, and NFKB1 increased. Consequently, the mRNA levels of AQP2, FOXP3, G6PD, and PIK3R1 declined in the T2D + CHD group compared to the T2D group. Furthermore, in silico analysis indicated 36 Gene Ontology terms and 59 signaling pathways were significantly enriched in both groups, which may be a culprit in susceptibility of diabetic patients to CHD development. Conclusion Finally, the results revealed six genes as a hub gene in altering various biological processes and signaling pathways. The expression trend of these identified genes might be used as potential markers and diagnostic tools for the early identification of the vulnerability of T2D patients to develop premature CHD. Graphical Abstract

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