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Cancer Therapeutic Targeting of Hypoxia Induced Carbonic Anhydrase IX: From Bench to Bedside McDonald, Paul C.; Chafe, Shawn C.; Supuran, Claudiu T.; Dedhar, Shoukat, 1952-


Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CAIX) is a major metabolic effector of tumor hypoxia and regulates intra- and extracellular pH and acidosis. Significant advances have been made recently in the development of therapeutic targeting of CAIX. These approaches include antibody-based immunotherapy, as well as use of antibodies to deliver toxic and radioactive payloads. In addition, a large number of small molecule inhibitors which inhibit the enzymatic activity of CAIX have been described. In this commentary, we highlight the current status of strategies targeting CAIX in both the pre-clinical and clinical space, and discuss future perspectives that leverage inhibition of CAIX in combination with additional targeted therapies to enable effective, durable approaches for cancer therapy.

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