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Marine and Freshwater Miscellanea IV Pauly, D. (Daniel); Chu, Elaine


Like its predecessors, this Fisheries Centre Research Report is a grab-bag of contributions of which a few could have been submitted to peer-reviewed journals but weren’t and others contributions that couldn’t, because of their subject matter or irreverent style. The three contributions on sturgeon and which were drafted in support of an international project that was not funded and thus could not get started. Two others deal with aspects of fish respiration, in the giant Mekong catfish and in the writing of George Cuvier, while two others deal with the reconstruction of fisheries catches; one is about the freshwater fisheries of Quebec, the other about the global catch of sponge fisheries, both from 1950 to the near present. The remaining contributions comprise 3 articles on sardinella in West Africa, basic traits in sharks and rays, and the “fishing down” phenomenon in the Bohai Sea in the Chinese Northeast, and 3 short accounts with observations by one of us (D.P.) on a trip to India and on receiving science awards, which does make one think. [An updated file with corrections was uploaded on 2023-12-20.]

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