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Stability analysis and control technology of gob-side entry retaining with double roadways by filling with high-water material in gently inclined coal seam Xie, Shengrong; Wang, En; Chen, Dongdong; Li, Hui; Jiang, Zaisheng; Yang, Hongzeng


To ameliorate the defects of insufficient support resistance of traditional roadside filling bodies for gob-side entry retaining (GER), overcome the inability to adapt to the deformation of surrounding rock, and isolate the goaf effectively, a new type of high-water material as a roadside filling body for GER technology with double roadways was proposed. The instability analysis and control technology of GER with double roadways by filling high-water material into a gently inclined coal seam were studied. The basic mechanical properties of the new high-water material were investigated through laboratory experiments, and their main advantages were identified. The reasonable width of the roadside filling wall of a high-water material was obtained by combining ground pressure observation and theoretical calculations. The distribution characteristics of the stress and plastic zone of surrounding rock of GER after being stabilized by the disturbance of the working face were studied using numerical simulations, and the failure range of GER by filling with high-water material was revealed. Based on this, a coupling control technology of anchor cables and bolts + single props + metal mesh + anchor bolts is proposed. Through the coupling methods of arranging borehole peeping and observing the convergences of surrounding rock, the results demonstrate that GER with double roadways by filling with a 1.8-m-wide high-water material has a good control effect. The above research will play an active role in promoting the application of high-water materials in GER roadside filling.

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