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Ion Beam Modification for Si Photonics Goncharova, Lyudmila V.; Simpson, Peter John, 1962-


Ion implantation has played a significant role in semiconductor device fabrication and is growing in significance in the fabrication of Si photonic devices. In this paper, recent progress in the growth and characterization of Si and Ge quantum dots (QDs) for photonic light-emitting devices is reviewed, with a focus on ion implantation as a synthetic tool. Light emissions from Si and Ge QDs are compared with emissions from other optically active centers, such as defects in silicon oxide and other thin film materials, as well as rare-earth light emitters. Detection of light in silicon photonics is performed via the integration of germanium and other elements into detector structures, which can also be achieved by ion implantation. Novel techniques to grow SiGe- and SiGeSn-on-Si structure are described along with their application as detectors for operation in the short-wave infrared range.

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