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Production and Functionalities of Specialized Metabolites from Different Organic Sources Oladipo, Abiodun; Enwemiwe, Victor; Ejeromedoghene, Onome; Adebayo, Ademola; Ogunyemi, Olakunle; Fu, Fangfang


Medicinal plants are rich sources of specialized metabolites that are of great importance to plants, animals, and humans. The usefulness of active biological compounds cuts across different fields, such as agriculture, forestry, food processing and packaging, biofuels, biocatalysts, and environmental remediation. In recent years, research has shifted toward the use of microbes, especially endophytes (bacteria, fungi, and viruses), and the combination of these organisms with other alternatives to optimize the production and regulation of these compounds. This review reinforces the production of specialized metabolites, especially by plants and microorganisms, and the effectiveness of microorganisms in increasing the production/concentration of these compounds in plants. The study also highlights the functions of these compounds in plants and their applications in various fields. New research areas that should be explored to produce and regulate these compounds, especially in plants and microbes, have been identified. Methods involving molecular studies are yet to be fully explored, and next-generation sequencing possesses an interesting and reliable approach.

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