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Cucurbitaceous Vegetables’ Gummy Stem Blight Research Luo, Qing; Tan, Guo-Fei; Ma, Yi-Qiao; Meng, Ping-Hong; Zhang, Jian


Cucurbits are an important vegetable crop of the gourd family. Unfortunately, gummy stem blight (GSB) causes a major fungal disease on Cucurbitaceous vegetable crops. It is also known as black root when affecting fruits, and it is found all over the world. GSB is caused by the fungal pathogen Didymella bryoniae. Research efforts have investigated the different developmental stages and various parts of Cucurbits affected with this disease. In the present paper, we have completed a systematic review for the disease’s symptomatic, pathogenic microbes, resistance resources, resistance inheritance regularity, molecular biology and genomic study of resistance gene and control method, etc., on Cucurbits. This review provides the background and rationale for future studies aiming to address the issues existing in gummy stem blight research and development.

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