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Improving the Stability of Lithium Aluminum Germanium Phosphate with Lithium Metal by Interface Engineering Zhang, Yue; Liu, Hanshuo; Xie, Zhong; Qu, Wei; Liu, Jian


Lithium aluminum germanium phosphate (LAGP) solid electrolyte is receiving increasing attention due to its high ionic conductivity and low air sensitivity. However, the poor interface compatibility between lithium (Li) metal and LAGP remains the main challenge in developing all-solid-state lithium batteries (ASSLB) with a long cycle life. Herein, this work introduces a thin aluminum oxide (Al2O3) film on the surface of the LAGP pellet as a physical barrier to Li/LAGP interface by the atomic layer deposition technique. It is found that this layer induces the formation of stable solid electrolyte interphase, which significantly improves the structural and electrochemical stability of LAGP toward metallic Li. As a result, the optimized symmetrical cell exhibits a long lifetime of 360 h with an areal capacity of 0.2 mAh cm−2 and a current density of 0.2 mA cm−2. This strategy provides new insights into the stabilization of the solid electrolyte/Li interface to boost the development of ASSLB.

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