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Stakeholder Recommendations to Increase the Accessibility of Online Health Information for Adults Experiencing Concussion Symptoms Beaton, M. Denise; Hadly, Gabrielle; Babul, Shelina


Concussion is a global public health problem. In Canada, concussion is among the top five reasons for workplace time-loss. Concussion results in physical, cognitive, and/or emotional symptoms that temporarily worsen with physical and mental exertion, such as viewing electronic screens. The Internet is the primary source of consumer health information. Studies on the end-user needs of adults with brain injuries in regards to digital health technologies largely focus on informational content. There is little to no research on the accessibility of screen-based informational websites and smartphone applications among this population. The aim of this research was to involve stakeholders in the design of a comprehensive educational resource to guide concussion recognition, recovery, and return-to-work, called the Concussion Awareness Training Tool for Workers & Workplaces (CATT WW). In order to ensure both relevant content and appropriate delivery of the information to the target groups, participants were asked whether adaptations could increase the accessibility of online health information for the general adult population experiencing concussion symptoms.

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