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Interventions for Preventing Residential Fires in Vulnerable Neighbourhoods and Indigenous Communities : A Systematic Review of the Literature Al-Hajj, Samar; Desapriya, Ediriweera; Pawliuk, Colleen; Garis, Len; Pike, Ian


Globally, residential fires constitute a substantial public health problem, causing major fire-related injury morbidity and mortality. This review examined the literature on residential fire prevention interventions relevant to Indigenous communities and assess their effectiveness on mitigating fire incidents and their associated human and economic burden. This review reveals the dearth of fire prevention evidence gathered directly within Indigenous communities. Nonetheless, relevant fire prevention recommendations can be made, calling for the adoption of combined and context-sensitive fire prevention interventions tailored to targeted Indigenous and vulnerable communities through multiple approaches and measures. Follow-ups and longitudinal studies are critical for accurate evaluation of the long-term outcomes and impacts on preventing residential fires.

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