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Natural Products Produced in Culture by Biosynthetically Talented Salinispora arenicola Strains Isolated from Northeastern and South Pacific Marine Sediments Williams, David E.; Morgan, Kalindi D.; Dalisay, Doralyn S.; Matainaho, Teatulohi; Perrachon, Elodie; Viller, Noemie; Delcroix, Maïlys; Gauchot, Jeanne; Niikura, Haruka; Patrick, Brian; et al.


Laboratory cultures of two ‘biosynthetically talented’ bacterial strains harvested from tropical and temperate Pacific Ocean sediment habitats were examined for the production of new natural products. Cultures of the tropical Salinispora arenicola strain RJA3005, harvested from a PNG marine sediment, produced salinorcinol (3) and salinacetamide (4), which had previously been reported as products of engineered and mutated strains of Amycolatopsis mediterranei, but had not been found before as natural products. An S. arenicola strain RJA4486, harvested from marine sediment collected in the temperate ocean waters off British Columbia, produced the new aminoquinone polyketide salinisporamine (5). Natural products 3, 4, and 5 are putative shunt products of the widely distributed rifamycin biosynthetic pathway.

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