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Framework of Intrinsic Immune Landscape of Dormant Prostate Cancer Wong, Nelson Kwan Yin; Dong, Xin; Lin, Yen-Yi; Xue, Hui; Wu, Rebecca; Lin, Dong; Collins, Colin C.; Wang, Yuzhuo


Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is the standard therapy for men with advanced prostate cancer (PCa). PCa often responds to ADT and enters a dormancy period, which can be recognized clinically as a minimal residual disease. However, the majority of these patients will eventually experience a relapse in the form of castration-resistant PCa with poor survival. Therefore, ADT-induced dormancy is a unique time window for treatment that can provide a cure. The study of this well-recognized phase of prostate cancer progression is largely hindered by the scarcity of appropriate clinical tissue and clinically relevant preclinical models. Here, we report the utility of unique and clinically relevant patient-derived xenograft models in the study of the intrinsic immune landscape of dormant PCa. Using data from RNA sequencing, we have reconstructed the immune evasion mechanisms that can be utilized by dormant PCa cells. Since dormant PCa cells need to evade the host immune surveillance for survival, our results provide a framework for further study and for devising immunomodulatory mechanisms that can eliminate dormant PCa cells.

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