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Drying Behavior of Hardwood Components (Sapwood, Heartwood, and Bark) of Red Oak and Yellow-Poplar Rahimi, Sohrab; Singh, Kaushlendra; DeVallance, David; Chu, Demiao; Bahmani, Mohsen


This paper presents differences in the drying behavior of red oak and yellow-poplar sapwood, heartwood, and bark and their relationship with selected physical characteristics. Drying experiments were performed on samples of sapwood, heartwood, and bark of respective species at 105 °C under nitrogen conditions. In addition, physical characteristics such as green moisture content, specific gravity, volumetric shrinkage, shrinkage of the cell wall, total porosity, pore volume occupied by water, and specific pore volume were calculated. The results showed that the volumetric and cellular shrinkages of sapwood were greater than those of heartwood for both species. For red oak, the specific gravity of sapwood and heartwood was not significantly different. Additionally, the total porosity of heartwood was lower than that of sapwood in red oak. The results also indicated that yellow-poplar dried faster than red oak. Among all three components, bark dried faster than sapwood and heartwood in both species. The activation energy for sapwood drying was less than for heartwood drying.

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