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Income Inequity and Health : Strategies for Action in Post-Pandemic B.C. : Through the Ethical Lens of Critical Social Justice Anderson, Joan; Bains, Gail; Brown, Helen; Dhari, Ranjit; Harrigan, MaryLou; Kesler, Linc; Price, Elder Roberta; Radyo, Vera; Rodney, Patricia, 1955-; Sawatzky-Girling, Brenda


The COVID-19 pandemic has riveted attention on the deep fault lines that exist globally and locally, as well as the physical and social suffering of people who continue to live on a low income, especially those who have experienced systemic discrimination. Ongoing documentation during the pandemic has shown that different population groups are disproportionally impacted. In this submission, we aim to contribute to the Government of B.C.’s long-term plan, as outlined in Budget 2022, to restore ground lost in this pandemic, and to work towards a more prosperous future, inclusive of all British Columbians. Related policy action requires a comprehensive understanding of the lived experiences of diverse peoples of all ages, families, and communities, and the deployment of resources that are most relevant within each context. Governments should provide not only financial resources, but also resources that enable people to navigate complex social and health systems. Such policy action necessitates significant time, resources, and clinical expertise in social and health care planning, including the delivery of health and social services by professional groups, policy makers, and governments. We hope that the following recommendations, constructed from experiences “on the ground,” might be useful strategies for action as the government moves forward in implementing its plan during this pandemic and thereafter to decrease income inequity and improve health in the Province of B.C. The recommendations build towards the right of all British Columbians to a dignified life, with all basic necessities of life adequately and equitably available to everyone (1).

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