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Length–Weight Relationships and Growth Parameters of Common and Leafy Seadragons (Syngnathidae) from a Public Aquarium Pauly, D. (Daniel); Matsushige, Leslee; Malacane, Janet; Hay, Amanda; Chu, Elaine; Warren, Melanie


The length–weight relationships (LWR) of the common seadragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Lacepède, 1804) and the leafy seadragon Phycodurus eques (Günther, 1865), Syngnathidae, are presented in this paper, based on specimens raised in the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, La Jolla, California. Furthermore, we used the length at known age of 40 specimens of common and 15 leafy seadragons to estimate the parameter of the von Bertalanffy growth function (VBGF) for these species. Some of the pros and cons of the newly proposed length type used, ‘scalene length’ are presented. The parameters of the LWR and the VBGF parameters are discussed, with an emphasis on the rearing conditions, the peculiar anatomy of seadragons, especially of P. eques, and on the Gill-Oxygen Limitation Theory (GOLT).

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