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Infrasonic, Acoustic and Seismic Waves Produced by the Axion Quark Nuggets Budker, Dmitry; Flambaum, Victor V.; Zhitnitsky, Ariel


We advocate the idea that Axion Quark Nuggets (AQN) hitting the Earth can be detected by analysing the infrasound, acoustic, and seismic waves which always accompany their passage in the atmosphere and underground. Our estimates for the infrasonic frequency ν≃5 Hz and overpressure δp∼0.3 Pa for relatively large size dark matter (DM) nuggets suggest that sensitivity of presently available instruments is already sufficient to detect very intense (but very rare) events today with existing technology. A study of much more frequent but less intense events requires a new type of instrument. We propose a detection strategy for a systematic study to search for such relatively weak and frequent events by using distributed acoustic sensing and briefly mention other possible detection methods.

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