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A Robust Protocol for Entropy Measurement in Mesoscopic Circuits Child, Timothy; Sheekey, Owen; Lüscher, Silvia; Fallahi, Saeed; Gardner, Geoffrey C.; Manfra, Michael; Folk, Joshua


Previous measurements utilizing Maxwell relations to measure change in entropy, S, demonstrated remarkable accuracy in measuring the spin-1/2 entropy of electrons in a weakly coupled quantum dot. However, these previous measurements relied upon prior knowledge of the charge transition lineshape. This had the benefit of making the quantitative determination of entropy independent of scale factors in the measurement itself but at the cost of limiting the applicability of the approach to simple systems. To measure the entropy of more exotic mesoscopic systems, a more flexible analysis technique may be employed; however, doing so requires a precise calibration of the measurement. Here, we give details on the necessary improvements made to the original experimental approach and highlight some of the common challenges (along with strategies to overcome them) that other groups may face when attempting this type of measurement.

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