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Viral Proteins with PxxP and PY Motifs May Play a Role in Multiple Sclerosis Pi, Keng-Shuo; Sang, Yurou; Straus, Suzana


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating disease that arises from immune system attacks to the protective myelin sheath that covers nerve fibers and ensures optimal communication between brain and body. Although the cause of MS is unknown, a number of factors, which include viruses, have been identified as increasing the risk of displaying MS symptoms. Specifically, the ubiquitous and highly prevalent Epstein–Barr virus, human herpesvirus 6, cytomegalovirus, varicella–zoster virus, and other viruses have been identified as potential triggering agents. In this review, we examine the specific role of proline-rich proteins encoded by these viruses and their potential role in MS at a molecular level.

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