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Recent Major Transcriptomics and Epitranscriptomics Contributions toward Personalized and Precision Medicine Mubarak, Ghada; Zahir, Farah R.


With the advent of genome-wide screening methods—beginning with microarray technologies and moving onto next generation sequencing methods—the era of precision and personalized medicine was born. Genomics led the way, and its contributions are well recognized. However, “other-omics” fields have rapidly emerged and are becoming as important toward defining disease causes and exploring therapeutic benefits. In this review, we focus on the impacts of transcriptomics, and its extension—epitranscriptomics—on personalized and precision medicine efforts. There has been an explosion of transcriptomic studies particularly in the last decade, along with a growing number of recent epitranscriptomic studies in several disease areas. Here, we summarize and overview major efforts for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurodevelopmental disorders (including autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability) for transcriptomics/epitranscriptomics in precision and personalized medicine. We show that leading advances are being made in both diagnostics, and in investigative and landscaping disease pathophysiological studies. As transcriptomics/epitranscriptomics screens become more widespread, it is certain that they will yield vital and transformative precision and personalized medicine contributions in ways that will significantly further genomics gains.

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