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Exploring Physical Intentional Assault Injuries in Children and Youth, Ages 10 to 17 Years, in Canada : A pilot study Rajabali, Fahra; Nolan, Mhairi; Olsen, Lise; Han, Guanghong; Brussoni, Mariana


The objectives of the current study were to understand the characteristics and patterns of intentional physical assault injuries among children and youth aged 10 to 17 years, to identify how and why the assaults occurred, to examine relevant demographic variables of the assault victims, to use this information to inform prevention program design and to identify additional research needs. The methods used in this study include both quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative research used data from the national CHIRPP database for 1997-2001 and gives an overview of assault-related injuries across Canada. Qualitative face-to-face interviews were conducted with children and youth recent assault victims from BC in order to provide fresh insight and understanding regarding the triggers and circumstances surrounding the assaults.

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