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Safety messaging for parents of young children : Evaluation of drowning prevention materials through a parent focus group Brussoni, Mariana; Kruse, Sami; Behmardi, Parmida; Nolan, Mhairi; Scime, Giulia


The overarching purpose of this project is to improve existing injury prevention promotional materials produced by BCCH CHIRPP and BCIRPU, as well as to address the dearth of information available to parents and caregivers of young children. The specific objective of this study is to develop material on drowning prevention that is targeted toward parents and caregivers of children aged five and under and to evaluate this material in order to determine its appropriateness and utility. The results of the evaluation will provide CHIRPP, BCIRPU and injury prevention material developers with valuable information on the needs and perspectives of our target population of parents of preschool aged children. This information will then be used to help modify injury prevention materials that are displayed and distributed at the BCCH emergency department.

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