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Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Properties of Bioceramic Materials in Endodontics Wang, Zhejun; Shen, Ya; Haapasalo, M. (Markus)


Microbes are prevalent in the root canals of necrotic teeth, and they are the cause of primary and post-treatment apical periodontitis. Bacteria can dwell within the infected root canal system as surface-adherent biofilm structures, which exhibit high resistance to antimicrobial agents. Bioceramic materials, with their biocompatible nature and excellent physico-chemical properties, have been widely used in dental applications, including endodontics. This review focuses on the application of bioceramic technology in endodontic disinfection and the antibiofilm effects of endodontic bioceramic materials. Different bioceramic materials have shown different levels of antibiofilm effects. New supplements have emerged to potentially enhance the antibiofilm properties of bioceramics aiming to achieve the goal of microbial elimination in the root canal system.

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