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Generated Value of Electricity Versus Incurred Cost for Solar Arrays under Conditions of High Solar Penetration Boivin, Adrian B.; Holzman, Jonathan


This work considers an emerging value-based paradigm for solar generation under high penetration, in light of its conflicting cycles of supply and demand. The resulting swings in electricity prices, in locales such as California, call into question the aim of optimizing solar arrays solely in terms of accumulated electrical power. Thus, this work studies solar arrays in terms of value, as an accumulated product of electrical power and price, where solar arrays that generate greater electrical power over more profitable early- and late-day hours yield improved value. Experimental, theoretical, and economic analyses are given to characterize the industry-standard angled-panel, an alternative V-groove, and a new U-groove array over a 5-year study. The trends and projections suggest that the industry-standard angled-panel array realizes the best value-based performance at present, although it will likely be outperformed in the foreseeable future by the V-groove array.

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