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Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Structures Incorporating Nano-Silica and Basalt Fiber Pellets Bediwy, Ahmed; El-Salakawy, Ehab F.


Recently, developing a nonferrous reinforcement system (corrosion-free system) using durable and ductile cement-based materials that incorporate discrete fibers has been a promising option for exposed concrete structures in cold regions or marine environments. Therefore, in this study, properties of a novel type of cementitious composite comprising nano-silica and a high dosage of slag were investigated. The hybrid (layered) composites assessed in this study were composed of two layers of different types of cementitious composites. Normal concrete (NC) was used in the top layer combined with a layer of fiber-reinforced cementitious composite (FRCC) reinforced with either the recently developed basalt fiber (BF) pellets (basalt fiber strands encapsulated by a polymeric resin or steel fibers (SF)) that were used at different dosages. The post-cracking behavior in terms of residual strength, residual index, and toughness are presented and discussed. The analysis of results showed the effectiveness of the BF pellets in enhancing the post-cracking behavior of specimens, as they behaved comparably to counterpart specimens comprising SF, which makes them a good candidate for infrastructural applications including rehabilitation such as new bridge girders or overlays.

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