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Random Subspace Ensembles of Fully Convolutional Network for Time Series Classification Zhang, Yangqianhui; Mo, Chunyang; Ma, Jiajun; Zhao, Liang


Time series classification (TSC) task is one of the most significant topics in data mining. Among all methods for this issue, the deep-learning-based shows superior performance for its good adaption to raw series data and automatic extraction of features. However, rare eyes are kept on composing ensembles of these superior individual classifiers to achieve further breakthroughs. The existing deep learning ensembles NNE did a heavy work of combining 60 individuals but did not maximize the deserving improvement, since it merely pays attention to the diversity of individuals but ignores their accuracy. In this paper, we propose to construct an ensemble of Full Convolutional Neural Networks (FCN) by Random Subspace Method (RSM), named RSM-FCN. FCN is a simple but outstanding individual classifier and RSM is suitable for high dimensional data such as time series, but there are few instances. Thus, the combination of these strengths, RSM-FCN provides a highly cost-effective approach to yield promising results. Experiments on the UCR dataset demonstrate the effectiveness and reasonability of the proposed method.

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