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Multi-Modal Clustering Events Observed by Horizon-10T and Axion Quark Nuggets Zhitnitsky, Ariel


The Horizon-10T collaboration have reported observation of Multi-Modal Events (MME) containing multiple peaks suggesting their clustering origin. These events are proven to be hard to explain in terms of conventional cosmic rays (CR). We propose that these MMEs might be result of the dark matter annihilation events within the so-called axion quark nugget (AQN) dark matter model, which was originally invented for completely different purpose to explain the observed similarity between the dark and the visible components in the Universe, i.e., ΩDM∼Ωvisible without any fitting parameters. We support this proposal by demonstrating that the observations, including the frequency of appearance, intensity, the spatial distribution, the time duration, the clustering features, and many other properties nicely match the emission characteristics of the AQN annihilation events in atmosphere. We list a number of features of the AQN events which are very distinct from conventional CR air showers. The observation (non-observation) of these features may substantiate (refute) our proposal.

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