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Efficacy of an exoskeleton-based physical therapy program for non-ambulatory patients during subacute stroke rehabilitation: a randomized controlled trial Louie, Dennis R.; Mortenson, W. Ben; Durocher, Melanie; Schneeberg, Amy; Teasell, Robert; Yao, Jennifer; Eng, Janice


Background Individuals requiring greater physical assistance to practice walking complete fewer steps in physical therapy during subacute stroke rehabilitation. Powered exoskeletons have been developed to allow repetitious overground gait training for individuals with lower limb weakness. The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy of exoskeleton-based physical therapy training during subacute rehabilitation for walking recovery in non-ambulatory patients with stroke. Methods An assessor-blinded randomized controlled trial was conducted at 3 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. Patients with subacute stroke (

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