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Caregiver Willingness to Vaccinate Their Children against COVID-19 after Adult Vaccine Approval Goldman, Ran D.; Krupik, Danna; Ali, Samina; Mater, Ahmed; Hall, Jeanine E.; Bone, Jeffrey N.; Thompson, Graham C.; Yen, Kenneth; Griffiths, Mark A.; Klein, Adi; Klein, Eileen J.; Brown, Julie C.; Mistry, Rakesh D.; Gelernter, Renana; on behalf of the International COVID-19 Parental Attitude Study (COVIPAS) Group


Vaccines against COVID-19 are likely to be approved for children under 12 years in the near future. Understanding vaccine hesitancy in parents is essential for reaching herd immunity. A cross-sectional survey of caregivers in 12 emergency departments (ED) was undertaken in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. We compared reported willingness to vaccinate children against COVID-19 with an initial survey and post-adult COVID-19 vaccine approval. Multivariable logistic regression models were performed for all children and for those

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