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Durable Lithium/Selenium Batteries Enabled by the Integration of MOF-Derived Porous Carbon and Alucone Coating Aboonasr Shiraz, Mohammad Hossein; Rehl, Erwin; Kazemian, Hossein; Liu, Jian


Lithium-selenium (Li-Se) batteries are a promising energy storage system in electric vehicles due to their high capacity and good kinetics. However, the shuttle effect issue, caused by polyselenide dissolution from the Se cathode, has hampered the development of Li-Se batteries. Herein, we developed a facile preparation of porous carbon from a metal-organic framework (MOF) to confine Se (Se/CZIF) and protect the Se/CZIF composite with an alucone coating by molecular layer deposition (MLD). The optimal alucone coated Se/CZIF cathode prepared exhibits a one-step reversible charge/discharge process in the carbonate electrolytes. The inhibition of polyselenide dissolution is credited with the improved electrochemical performance, formation of thin and stable solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) layers, and a reduction in charge transfer resistance, thus improving the overall performance of Li-Se batteries.

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